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Halloween Coding Activity | Trick or Treat | Mitzy Makes It

πŸŽƒ Halloween Coding for Kids! A great beginner Python Tutorial. Let’s create our own Trick-or-Treat Generator with Mitzy! 🍬 You can follow along and code with Mitzy πŸ–₯️, or if you[…]

Cardboard Pumpkin Craft | DIY Halloween Spookley Craft | Eco Friendly

πŸŽƒ Get Crafty with Cardboard! Create Your Own DIY Cardboard Pumpkin in Minutes πŸ‚πŸ–οΈ Transform simple cardboard boxes into adorable pumpkins with Mitzy’s step-by-step guide. A perfect fall or Halloween decoration[…]

Why do leaves change colors? | STEAM for Kids | Science Lesson| Mitzy Makes It

πŸ‚ Mitzy’s Mini Science Lesson: Why Leaves Change Colors in Fall! 🌳🌈 Discover the enchanting secret of nature’s autumn artistry with Mitzy as she unravels the science behind the colorful transformation[…]

Why is the Sky Blue? | Fun STEAM Learning for Kids

Welcome to “Mitzy Minute,” an exciting series of bite-sized videos designed just for kids! In each one-minute episode, we’ll take you on a thrilling journey through the world of STEAM (Science,[…]

Mitzy Minute | One Minute of Learning with Mitzy!

In just one minute, join us as we celebrate National Programmers Day by taking a whirlwind tour of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) learning. Discover the magic of these[…]

STEAM Cartoons for Kids!

Meet Mitzy: The Pink Robot Inventor Inspiring STEAM Dreams! πŸš€πŸŽ€ Welcome to the enchanting world of Mitzy, the bright and bubbly pink robot inventor, on a mission to empower little girls[…]

Back to School with Mitzy!

Hiya Teachers! If you are starting to plan what back to school looks like, check out our STEAM Lesson plans! Over 200 pages of lesson plans, worksheets and printable posters for[…]

Code with Mitzy

Sign up Here Code with MitzyΒ is a self guided coding project that is created in collaboration withΒ Mitzy Makes ItΒ and Code With Her. This three part summer project that will keep your[…]

Happy Halloween!

This months video is celebrating Halloween while learning how to count to 10! Mitzy has made a Costume Making Machine that generates 10 costumes based off of her favorite things and[…]

Cute as a Button

Mitzy spilled her buttons all over her shop. However, she realizes this is a perfect opportunity to organize them by color and size. Her imagination runs wild as she thinks about[…]