Why do leaves change colors? | STEAM for Kids | Science Lesson| Mitzy Makes It

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🍂 Mitzy’s Mini Science Lesson: Why Leaves Change Colors in Fall! 🌳🌈 Discover the enchanting secret of nature’s autumn artistry with Mitzy as she unravels the science behind the colorful transformation of leaves. 🍁 #MitzyExplains #FallColors #ScienceForKids”

Imagine leaves are like little factories in trees, and their job is to make food for the tree. They use sunlight, water, and a special green color called chlorophyll to make this food.

Now, during the spring and summer, there’s plenty of sunlight, so these leaf factories work really hard, and they look very green because of the chlorophyll. But as summer starts to say goodbye, something interesting happens.

Days become shorter, and the nights get cooler. Trees can feel these changes, so they send a signal to their leaf factories: “Time to prepare for winter!”

So, the leaf factories start to slow down. They don’t make as much food anymore, and because they’re not working as hard, the green chlorophyll begins to fade away. As the green goes away, you start to see the other colors that were always there but hidden behind the green.

Reds, oranges, yellows, and browns start to appear. These are the colors of the leaves in the fall. Each tree has its own special mix of colors. It’s like a beautiful rainbow in the trees!

So, when you see leaves changing color in the fall, it’s because the tree’s leaf factories are getting ready for a nice, cozy winter nap. It’s like they’re putting on their fancy, colorful pajamas before they go to sleep.


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