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My first goal for this project is to begin building the world. I’m using Unreal Engine ( ) for this project. I can use CG assets purchased from the Epic Marketplace to build out the environments. The goal is to expand the children’s book into a play along app. Creating all of this in Unreal initially will allow me to easily create the app.

First, I browse to see if I can find assets that fit the look and feel I am going for. This is going to be a fun and vibrant world, but still practical. I start importing all of the asset packs that I think will be useful.

This is “Platformer Hearts and Valentines Pack” – Some fun elements in here.
I started with Mitzy’s Make Shop – Exploring some exterior ideas and floorplans.
Started laying out some furniture and decorations that I like
Other view

Had fun curating all the assets I am going to use. Hoping to nail down the layout soon so I can start decorating.

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  1. This looks awesome!!! Much needed to encourage more girls to explore their talents and abilities!! Much success to this important endeavor!

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